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This space is a collection of all things I have made on the internet.

I hope that you enjoy, I try to create what I seek to find, and have a lot of fun doing so. My projects are mostly ongoing, follow along to see where things go!

Here you can find -

♡ Personas
  - Creatures who roam the net, each an artistic expression they are unique to themselves and engage in/enjoy different sub cultures. -
♡ Games
  - I am still in the early stages of learning game development, so there isn't much there for now. In the future you can expect to find games based on adventure, exploration, puzzles, aestheticism, cute soft things. All with little to no violence. -
♡ Portfolio
  - here you can find a complete and comprehensive portfolio of all my online works, organized for those who wish to see everything in one tab. My CV will also rest here -